Our relationship with all our stakeholders is based on the following values that are entrenched and supported by Remgro’s Code of Ethics:

  • Responsibility, for the assets and actions of the Company
  • Accountability, for justifying its decisions and actions to shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Fairness, in considering the legitimate interest of stakeholders
  • Transparency, in disclosing information in a manner that enables stakeholders to make informed decisions about the Company’s performance and sustainability

Remgro’s Board is the ultimate custodian of its corporate reputation and stakeholder relationships. In this regard a formal Stakeholder Policy sets out the approach and strategy of Remgro with respect to stakeholder engagements, ensuring that the approach takes into account corporate governance guidelines.

Remgro utilises a wide variety of communication methods to ensure that its communication with stakeholders is clear and understandable, as well as transparent, balanced and truthful, and sets out all relevant facts, whether positive or negative. Care is taken to ensure that engagement with stakeholders is, where appropriate, not just one-way communication but constructive, partnership-based engagement. This ensures that all legitimate stakeholder expectations are identified and addressed as far as possible.

Remgro, like other organisations, has many economic impacts on our stakeholders through, amongst other things, the generation and distribution of value, the creation of employment opportunities, remunerating our employees fairly and competitively, and our corporate social investment. We continuously manage these and engage with our stakeholders on matters relevant to them, as reported elsewhere in this report.

Shareholders and the investment community

Remgro’s primary objective is to maximise value creation and sustainable growth and in this regard particular care is taken to ensure that all shareholders, or classes of shareholders, are treated equitably. Special care is taken to protect minority shareholders from actions by or in the interest of the principal shareholder that may be to their detriment. In this regard the Lead Independent Director acts as chairman during meetings in situations where the independence of the existing Chairman may be potentially conflicted.

Communication with investors is based on the principles of timely, balanced, clear and transparent information. In this regard the investment community has access to the same information as Remgro shareholders. Firm protocols are in place to control the nature, extent and frequency of communication with investors. Shareholders and the investment community are encouraged to attend Remgro’s general meetings where topical matters are discussed openly. Further interactions with institutional investors take place twice a year at the dial-in interim and final results presentations, where questions can be directed to the CEO and CFO. The investment community is also welcome to contact senior management directly.

The most recent and historic financial and other information are available here.


In order for Remgro to be able to achieve its main objectives it is essential to attract and retain employees of the highest calibre. Our employees are treated fairly and remunerated competitively and Remgro strives to afford all staff the opportunity to realise their full potential. During corporate actions special care is taken to ensure that employees belonging to the Remgro Equity Settled Share Appreciation Right Scheme are not treated more favourably than ordinary shareholders.

As Remgro is an investment holding company with a small staff complement at head office level, communication with employees is kept informal and is conducted through a variety of media, including email updates, the in-house intranet, Remgro website, information sessions and notice boards. Care is taken that all communication with shareholders is also communicated to employees.