Remgro recognises that many of its investments are dependent on healthy and functioning ecosystem services and that these services are increasingly under pressure from a quantity and quality perspective. Hence, Remgro continuously analyses its impact on the environment, its response to changing environmental realities and the pursuit of new opportunities that might arise as a result of responsible environmental management.

In order to manage its impact on the environment, Remgro has implemented an Environmental Management Policy (the Policy). The Policy includes Remgro Management Services Limited (RMS – its service company), RCL Foods and Wispeco. The Remgro Board is ultimately responsible for the implementation of the Policy, but delegates its responsibilities to the Risk and IT Governance Committee (a subcommittee of the Audit and Risk Committee) and the Social and Ethics Committee which are responsible to review and recommend the approval of environmental procedures implemented and maintained by RMS. With regard to RCL Foods and Wispeco, it is the responsibility of Remgro’s representatives on the boards of these companies to obtain assurance regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of its respective environmental management processes. As such, Remgro conducts annual environmental risk reviews on its subsidiaries and incorporates environmental performance into its various risk management frameworks.

Further details regarding Remgro’s initiatives to minimise its impact on the environment is presented in the detailed Sustainable Development Report.


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