Remgro’s corporate social investment initiatives and donations programme cover a broad spectrum of society and can be summarised as follows:

  • Community development
  • Cultural development
  • Entrepreneurship, training and education
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Sport development

Remgro aims to maintain a corporate social investment (CSI) spend of approximately 2.5% of its net free cash flow annually. In this regard an official donations committee meets regularly to consider and approve grants to institutions in need. Donations to qualifying institutions are made on an annual basis for a specific period and, although such contributions cover a wide range, there are two noticeable exceptions: political parties and religious institutions. Remgro respects its employees’ choice to participate in these institutions, but does not exercise a choice itself.

During the year under review Remgro’s CSI spend amounted to R23 million (2016: R24 million), as set out in the table below.

Summary of CSI spend   Year
30 June
R million  
30 June
R million 
Community development   6   6  
Cultural development   3   3  
Entrepreneurship, training and education   10   10  
Environment   2   2  
Healthcare   1   2  
Sport development   1   1  
  23   24  

Further details regarding Remgro’s CSI initiatives can be found in the detailed Sustainable Development Report.